Saturday, April 19, 2008

19 April Saturday
Met Farah at the airport. Weather is nice and cold, 14 degrees. I’m still wearing Bermudas though. Train to Utrecht only took ½ hour. Everything’s really close by in the Netherlands which surprised me. The big cities of Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague & Rotterdam are all around 60 km from each other and just a short train ride away.
Noticed that Farah’s eyes are brown in the centre and blueish at the periphery. They’re very nice. During lunch, they turned greenish which is really surprising. I didn’t know eye colours could change. Maybe she’s not human.
The Kools residence is nice. It overlooks the canal and fountain. I have my own room with computer and TV. Ahhhh. The computer that I’m typing this on takes ages to start up. Roughly the time it takes to get from Amsterdam to Utrecht. But I really shouldn’t complain cos the room is wonderful. Just 5 mins walk away is the old canal which is full of life. I had a remarkable sandwich at De Poort, the bread that’s available here is really nice.

Friday, April 18, 2008

18 April Friday
Flight to London was overbooked, so I had to be transferred to another flight to Frankfurt instead. Good news is that I don’t have to change airports in London anymore and hopefully I’ll get some money from my travel insurance.
Seats were horrible, unable to recline, no sound on headphones, and between two huge Aussie guys. Nevertheless, 3 VBs later I was sound asleep.

Monday, June 04, 2007


Flight's at 7a.m. tmrw!
Bags all packed!
It's gonna be awesome!

Cya guys on e 22nd.
went for drinks at clinic c at clarke quay
got morphine x and sex on a drip which comes in a blood bag,
just like an iv drip, but u suck on it instead of cannulating yourself.

i tried first,
and it was super sour, and real disgusting
there was this black tape on the end,
which i didn't know if i should remove first
cos e liquid was coming out super slowly
stan said it smelt like something rotten

we were quite unhappy.
then someone came with our drinks
and we realized we were sucking on the display set
that had been there for months

Monday, May 28, 2007

my thoughts on increasing the birth rate...
the govt wants us to have more babies.
cos we have an ageing population
and in the future, there won't be enough young working ones,
supporting the retired old ones

one question though...
even if we have more babies so we'll have more
young working pple in the future....won't these pple
eventually grow up, leading to more old pple,
and then we'll be in a much much bigger mess won't we!!
and then we'll need to have even more babies
which will eventually lead to even more oldies
and it'll never end

instead..why not just wait for e old pple to die,
i mean they will die sooner or later...
it'll be difficult for a decade or so...and then it'll be ok

singapore would be a nicer place with a population of 2 million
everyone can have their own car
and there'll be plenty of parking spaces
and no jams

Sunday, May 27, 2007

went to the singapore art museum this weekend
and it was pretty fantastic
my favourite artist: zeng fangzhi
favourite painting: idealism
and it was free!!!
i should go more often

went to crazy elephant and cuba libre after that
which was awesome too
good music,
excellent 1800 tequila,
drunked dancing,
a great night out!

oh....and i used my super gay shirt too!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007 i lied...
my stalking has continued...
and i've found some fantastic information
that makes my life seem like a
nonsensical B grade movie

it turns out,
that while she's unavailable
she has a twin sister!!!
can u believe it?
i hope they're identical.

don't ask me how i know,
my sources are confidential

Monday, May 21, 2007

and so it begins...